Thursday, May 3, 2012

Progressive Fatalism

"[Choice is] a convenient shorthand for the way my past resolves itself.  Not just my past, but the past of my ancestors, the planet, the universe."

~Barack Obama

Obama's feelings as a young man on the subject of choice are not surprising to me, though this quotation was just released in anticipation of a new book about Barack Obama from the perspective of two ex-girlfriends.  The concept of political liberty has always been the enemy of progressives, and it becomes much easier to justify progressive policies if liberty has been rejected as an illusion.  If there is no real choice, then there is no real problem with extending illegitimate control over something that doesn't exist.  Liberty, according to progressives, is an illusion.  It has to be, or everything they are trying to do would be unjust.

Now that's whack.