Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A False Equivalence

Conservatives tend to trust the wisdom of the masses, while liberals often call that wisdom "prejudice". In America the term "prejudice" takes on an added meaning and is meant negatively by referencing slavery and racism, which are actually two different things that have been mashed into one. Only in America. Liberals distrust the wisdom of the masses and spend a great deal of time denigrating it. They believe that society is on an inexorable ever onward and upward march whose greatest extremities are populated and pushed forward by themselves. The only reason society does not push ever onward and upward faster is conservatism, or capitalism, or the influence of this or that prejudice, or whatever their favorite bogeyman of the day is. This makes liberalism a great political movement, because in politics if a movement is not attacking it is losing, and liberals never run out of enemies real or imagined as the bogeymen behind all their equally numerous failures.

One of the imagined enemies in America today is racism. Liberals believe that America is not just full of racist people, though they certainly believe that, but is inherently a racist system. Thus even if they meet you and determine you are a nice person who does not believe in this or that human ethnic group's genetic superiority, they can still call you a racist if you accept the American "system". This leads to all kinds of ridiculous accusations of racism which are a never-ending source of amusement to this author and ought to be to everyone. Public racism prosecutors love to huff and puff about "code words" and "dog whistles", common everyday terms that are used by the secret racist bogeymen of America to communicate their prejudices to each other. Recent additions to the secret racist codebook, so secret even the racists don't know them, have included "Chicago" and "golf" because Barack Obama is from Chicago and plays a lot of golf. So does Tiger Woods, apparently. No word on how soon the racist police will reveal that "Detroit" is now a racist codeword to deflect conservative criticism of the way that city was run into the ground by liberal policies. Somewhere some logic impaired liberal is foaming at the mouth because they see conservatives pointing fingers at Detroit's failure. All they see is black people, not liberal policies, and so criticism of Detroit must be racist.

And therein is the only point I wanted to  make today. It is not the fault of conservatives that black people vote 90% Democrat, but it's the truth. That means if one wants to level accusations of racism at conservatives, all one has to do is call them out for criticizing liberal policies, which, don't you know, are supported by over 90% of African American voters. African Americans have almost universally accepted liberal philosophy in virtually all its particulars with the interesting exception of homosexuality, which can lead to some hilarious side effects (Ain't never seen no gay plantations!) as liberals always assume blacks are on their side. Liberal logic entails that any criticism of their own point of view is automatically racist for this reason, and since they are losing all the arguments on policy the only thing they can do is cry, "Racism!" over and over again. Those calls will get louder and longer in direct proportion to the failure of liberal policies. I believe they have gotten loud enough, long enough and stupid enough that they no longer carry any power. People are done being accused of secret racism for obscure and illogical reasons. Modern liberalism has no argument, so all they can do is accuse everyone of being in league with one of their favorite bogeymen who must be to blame for the failure of their program because their beliefs are just that: an article of belief which cannot be wrong. And anyway it's supported by 90% of black people so it doesn't really matter if it's wrong because you're a racist. Racist!

Now that's whack.