Tuesday, October 1, 2013

This is not about Obamacare anymore

You heard me right. Republicans, conservatives, tea partiers and libertarians need to STOP TALKING ABOUT OBAMACARE. We have won.

The game plan now is to start talking positively about funding the rest of the government, focusing on areas of bipartisan agreement. Both houses of Congress have already passed a bill funding the military and the House will continue to pass bill after bill funding every part of government that has bipartisan support, like the National Park Service, Veteran Affairs, etc., etc.

If we stop talking about Obamacare and make this about all those other things, things we will fund but the Democrats will vote down, or even veto like Obama threatened today, we will win this. The Democrats are the partisans, the ideologues, the uncompromising roadblock to funding the government. They are the ones holding government operations hostage to their ideological pipe dream. I can't stress this enough: STOP TALKING ABOUT OBAMACARE RIGHT NOW!

Focus on how you want to fund Veteran Affairs. Focus on funding the National Park Service. Decide which bill the House is going to pass and one by one, everyone talk about how we need to fund this thing to keep it going while the shutdown continues. Do this, and the legs will come right out from under the Democrats, one by one.

Now that's whack.