Thursday, September 17, 2015

Carly Fiorina on Gender Issues

I did not watch the so-called undercard debate of the bottom tier candidates last time, but Carly Fiorina apparently won that one hands down according to just about everybody. She rose enough in the polls that CNN decided to add her as the eleventh participant in the second debate last night, which was a marathon of three hours. I watched most of it, some of it twice, and Fiorina was the only one who really stood out to me. She really seems to shine in the debate forum, which is a surprise. Everyone thought Cruz, the champion competitive debater in college, would have the advantage here. I doubt I will vote for Fiorina as she doesn't reflect my positions on some things the way a guy like Cruz does, but I have to admit I was impressed. I was especially impressed with her very specific plan on building up the military. She's obviously done some serious homework on it. I don't agree with it, unless she's got a major war in mind. She's been very outspoken about dealing with Putin so maybe.

But I'm writing this post mostly because she expressed a point of view on gender issues which is almost exactly what I wrote in my chapter on gender issues in the book. I basically said that I didn't like the recent trend of using female pronouns to refer to a generic person, turning political correctness into a sort of super grammar. I think it's insulting to the intelligence of women to imply that they can't figure out that the male pronoun is conventionally used to refer to a generic person. Fiorina didn't quite say that, but she was the only person to refuse to answer the question about which women to put on the ten dollar bill. She said she wouldn't change it and doesn't want to change our history. Obviously, Fiorina is a highly intelligent woman and I suspect she is having none of this politically correct super grammar. Bravo, Carly Fiorina for making a statement.

Then she took it even further in her closing statement, which was a beautiful ode to Lady Justice and Lady Liberty, in which she constantly referred to them as "she" over and over again without making it a gender issue. She presented a great example of how the feminine has always been included in the English language, not discriminated against, by recalling the way we used to use the feminine pronoun as a way of enhancing meaning rather than confusing it with political correctness in every pronoun. In my book I suggested doing this and specifically mentioned vehicles, like cars and ships, countries, and the Vices and Virtues of old as appropriate uses for the feminine pronouns. I even specifically mentioned Justice and Liberty. I could almost believe she has read that chapter in my book, but I know that's not the case. Bravo again, Carly Fiorina, for not only smacking political correctness in the face, but also for raising the bar for all the candidates in how the English language should be used. If all women were as intelligent and strong as her, we would never have had this ridiculous trend of using the feminine pronoun when it doesn't mean anything except a sop to supposedly easily offended women. Bravo once again, Carly Fiorina  Bravo. You don't have my vote, but you have certainly won my respect.

Now that's whack.